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The Air Matters App

Providing real-time Air Quality Index & Allergy Pollen & Weather Data, as well as Protection Recommendations and Forecast.

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Connect Your Device

Connect with your own air purifier or air monitoring devices, control the air purifier remotely, compare indoor air quality with outdoor and get health advices.


Users can connect their Philips Connected Purifier or Connected Purifier-and-Humidifier Combi to the Air Matters app, to check the indoor air quality index, control the device mode and fan speed from the App and to receive notifications when the air quality is getting worse or when they need to replace the filters.

Kaiterra Laser Egg

Users can check the air quality index and pollutant concentrations history via the App remotely

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About Us

Air Matters was founded in November 2011, our service focuses on air quality issues in the world, aiming to provide a handy and powerful tool for broadcasting realtime air quality and giving health advice for users.

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